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Bypassing Gatekeepers
To Close Decision-Makers

Don't Get Stopped at the Gate!

Does it sometimes feel as though decision-makers are living in a gated community to which you are missing the key?

More and more, decision makers are protected by gatekeepers of all types: executive and administrative assistants, telephone operators, voice mail and caller ID. This program fortifies you with techniques, strategies and actual phraseology for bypassing, enlisting and enrolling gatekeepers to advocate and champion your cause to decision-makers.

Strategies for Sales Success

This informative program helps attendees identify who they are, how to position themselves and how to call — on the phone and in person — to connect with decision-makers. It addresses what to do, and what not to do, to reach and close decision-makers.

Learning Objectives
  Learn numerous tips to turn gatekeepers into allies
  Leverage humor, creativity and topicality to stand apart from others and connect
  Understand the role of pre-call research and power of inquiry to gather key information
  Utilize the power of politeness to bond
  Avoid nine common pitfalls that alienate listeners and thwart your sales efforts

How The Presentation Is Delivered

This interactive session engages participants in role plays where they actually make calls to each other to practice bypassing, engaging and enlisting gatekeepers and building rapport with decision-makers. Craig’s stories, instructions, and live coaching help participants immediately replicate skills taught to internalize their learning.

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Bypass Gatekeepers Report Click here to order Craig's Special Report on Bypassing Gatekeepers to Close Decision-Makers

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