Craig Harrison’s
Tips for ‘Revving Up’

The following techniques can be employed prior to your presentation as a way of psyching up mentally and physically:

To Increase Circulation:

If sitting, stand up and sit down three times in a row. Try this with your arms crossed on your chest in an X.

To increase the oxygen flowing to your brain, feed your tissue:

Climb stairs in the stairwell. Alternatively, walk up & down the hallway or pace in a

parking lot.

To reduce tension in your legs, stretch your calf muscles & heel cord:

From a sitting position, flex and point your feet away from you. Also, circle your ankles clockwise or counter-clockwise.

To reduce tension in your neck and shoulders:

Use your head to nod up and down (as if saying "yes"), left and right (as if saying "no") and then roll your shoulders forward (as if indicating "maybe").

For an anxiety release:

Turn your head to the left and begin writing your name in the air, with your nose as a pen. When completed, use your head as an eraser, erasing what you’ve written, from right to left.


Craig Harrison’s
Tips for Calming Down

The following techniques can be employed prior to a presentation to simmer down or relax:

To relax your jaw, release tension:

Inhale a large breath through your nose (1 count) as if smelling a rose, then exhale

(2 counts) through your mouth as if you were blowing a candle. Repeat three times.

To stretch your spine and arms:

Using your arms, stretch upward & outward as in a "V", then stretch arms outward as in a "T", then stretch arms behind your body and downward, as in an inverted V, and finally place both hands in front of you with palms up.

To dissipate anger and change your focus and disposition:

Punch your arms outward – with jabs, hooks and uppercuts – into the air.

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