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Craig training San Jose Sr Leaders at Team San Jose

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About Craig

Craig Harrison has been profiled in The Wall Street Journal , cited in Fast Company, Business Week and Bottom Line/Personal, interviewed by 60 Minutes, BBC radio live and Ireland's RTE1 radio, quoted by the Orange County Register, The Financial Times, Playgirl, Selling Power magazine, fielded questions on K-101 FM and his columns have run repeatedly in the San Francisco Chronicle and San Francisco Examiner.

Craig's articles and columns on sales and service, leadership and communication have appeared in Transaction World, Executive Excellence, Sales & Marketing Excellence, Support World, SOLD, Customer Service Newsletter, The California Job Journal, The Professional Caterer and over 75 times in Toastmaster,and you've read about his Elevator Speech booklet in the San Francisco Chronicle.  He's even been an online expert for match.com and CloudWise.com. It's time you hear him speak!

UCSC AlumnusUC Santa Cruz, Silicon Valley Campus

Craig is an instructor for the University of California at Santa Cruz Extension's Silicon Valley Business department, designing and teaching two classes (on Meetings and Listening), and teaching two others (Credibility in the Workplace; Positive Political Skills in the Workplace) over the past 15+ years. These offerings are part of their Business Administration dept's HR Certificate and Executive Administration programs.

Hult International Business School, SF Campus

In 2015-2016 Craig served as professor for development studies at Hult International School of Business at their San Francisco campus, where he taught public speaking and presentation skills focusing on elegant slide deck designs in PowerPoint and Keynote using concepts found in the books Slide:ology and Presentation Zen Design. Past teching stints of Craig's include Foothill College's workforce development training, Diablo Valley College's Regional Training Institute and Cupertino's Career Action Center.

Foothill College adjunct faculty Guest Instructor, SF
Career Action CenterEmcee for fundraiser

Craig Harrison combines humor, wisdom and common sense to help you communicate with confidence and clarity. Let him help you experience the sweet taste of success.

Craig's Philosophy
The skilled and confident communicator opens doors, builds new relationships, serves others effectively and enhances one's own leadership.

As a manager, consultant, publisher and curriculum developer in Silicon Valley Craig developed his digital dexterity, helping the technical world train and communicate more effectively. His work with a database company, publishing houses and a consulting firm also helped Craig develop his strong customer service orientation

As a director of communications with the non-profit Pros for Kids, Craig coached with Olympians and Hall of Fame athletes, helping young people enhance their self esteem, become confident communicators and steer clear of drugs.

As a youth basketball coach Craig has led teams domestically and internationally for non-profit organizations such as Sports for Understanding, Maccabi Youth Sports Programs,and Oakland's Head-Royce H.S.and College Preparatory H.S. educational institutions.
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National Speakers Association Northern California ChapterNSANC Speakers Academy logo

Craig is founder and former dean of the Speakers Academy (formerly Pro-Track), a 9-month program of the National Speakers Association -- Northern California which he led the formation of over a decade ago when he served as the 2004-05 president of NSA/NC. In May, 2010 Craig received the Patricia Fripp Leadership Award for service excellence from NSA/NC. He is also a two-time Chapter Member of the Year, most recently in 2014-15.

NSA Sales Professional emphasis group (PEG) of the National Speakers Association

A member and leader of the National Speakers Association since 1998, Craig was also the 2003-04 Sales Trainers Professional Emphasis Goup (PEG) chairman of NSA


He founded their Storytellers PEG, serving as its first chair in 2007-2009 and booking programs, webinars and collating and contributing columns and articles of his own together with colleagues from the National Storytelling Network.

He previously chaired a board of directors for KKUP-FM, a listener-sponsored Bay Area radio station, is a past president of the International Customer Service Association for the San Francisco Bay Area (Golden Gate and Silicon Valley) and is a past president of the Young Jewish Alliance of the greater East Bay Area.

Storytelling Association of California Bay Area Storytelling Festival

A former Vice Chair of the Storytelling Association of California, Craig spent six years on their board, publishing newsletters, obtaining sponsors, overseeing a web redesign and maintaining its website, providing public relations and inaugurating their annual Juneteenth galas. SAC also produced the annual Bay Area Storytelling Festival, which completed itsv30th festival in 2016. Craig has been active on the BASF committee as well.

Craig was the driving force and visionary behind NSA/NC's highly popular GIZMOLOGY day of Technology for chapter members which included a live/virtual keynote with online marketing guru Ford Saeks, Seek-the-Geek round-table offerings and the fast-paced Demos & Devices showcases. Its appeal attracted 120 attendees from self-avowed Luddites to Silicon Valley tech wizards. All attendees left with more confidence, new skills and a to-do list to grow their businesses.

From 2006-08 Craig was a Chapter Leadership Consultant (CLC) to NSA chapters in Washington, Oregon and Northern California, serving for a time as its vice-chair.

In 2007-08 Craig formed a professional emphasis group for NSA for Storytellers with colleague Dr. Vincent Muli Wa Kituku. He was its inaugural chair and built this PEG into a vibrant tribe of tellers and aspiring tellers.

Craig is a past District Governor and Distinguished Toastmaster for over 100 clubs of District 57 Toastmasters in Northern California.

In August 2004 Craig received a presidential citation from Toastmasters' International President for meritorious service to the organization.

Over 75 of Craig's creative articles have been published in Toastmaster magazine over the past 24 years, including many cover articles.

Mar2017Cover  From Free to Fee cover article  Ted Talks and World Listens cover story Crisis Leadership cover article The Wisdom of Wooden cover storyCreating your Bucket List cover article  A Good TM is easy to find (Spanish)  culture club cover
(Above: Craig's cover articles over the years)

Toastmasters logo Laughlovers banner Craig receives Presidental Citation Heart2Heart logo

Craig has helped form or formed over a dozen clubs in Northern California, including Laugh Lovers, Heart2Heart, the Bay Area Urban League Toastmasters, East Bay Toastmasters for Reverend E(loise Oliver) at the East Bay Church of Religious Science, and advanced clubs Speakers Forum and District 4's Pro-Toasties. His club design, guest comedy bookings and articles about LaughLovers (The Cantu Comedy Club) inspired similar clubs in Shanghai, Orange County California and Wisconsin. Craig's spoken at the Shanghai Bilingual Humor Club, and twice at Anaheim's HumorMasters.

Whether entertaining and motivating from the platform, leading interactive training in classrooms or working with professionals in one-on-one situations, Craig provides clients with tools and confidence to communicate for success. Let Craig help you and your organization express your excellence!

 When You Hire CRAIG HARRISON...What's In the Package?

A Commitment to Excellence
From the moment you call Craig he partners with you to create the best possible experience for your audience. First, Craig makes sure he's the right speaker/trainer for your company. If not, he's happy to refer you to other high caliber communicators who present a better fit.

Assuming Craig's the right speaker, what's the right program? Craig has many. His detailed descriptions describe benefits, style and background to help you make the best determination. References and a description of his creative handouts give you a better understanding of what he's offering and his successful track record.

A Sincere Focus on the Needs of the Audience
With your help, we identify what your audience needs, and customize accordingly. With your permission Craig may pre-survey sample audience members, and ideally will meet with you, and key players related to the engagement, whether managers or employees. Your help filling out Craig's company profile assists him in customizing his presentations to your audience, event and company.

Advanced PR
Craig provides you with all the 'copy' you need to promote, advertise and inform others of his appearance. Sample articles, quotes from other clients, photos and even sound clips can set the stage for his appearance. Craig can contribute items to pre-event newsletters, printed programs, and communiques. Need photos or electronic files? Consider it done!

Day of the Event
Craig is available to arrive early and stay beyond his presentation, give interviews, pose for photos, present awards and recognize others, lead a motivational pep talk for select teams, or meet one-on-one with selected individuals. Often, if giving a keynote, Craig can arrange with you to give an additional plenary or breakout session later in the day.

By providing Craig with candid feedback he can make sure that your needs are met, and insure he delivered to your expectations. (Craig requests feedback from all his engagements.)

Building A Relationship
Craig seeks your continuing business, whether through speaking, training, consulting, coaching or small group motivational presentations. Craig wishes to partner in your success, helping you Express Your Excellence!

The Next Move Is Yours!

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