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Coaching Client Questionnaire

For you and your coach it is useful to understand areas you seek coaching, goals you have for coaching, and assess your current strengths and weaknesses.  By articulating at the outset what you wish to accomplish, both parties can focus attention on achieving your goals.

The following questions are intended to stimulate thought and help you identify WHAT YOU WANT and WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU in terms of improving your communication skills and effectiveness.

I recommend you think about the following questions overnight (or longer) before responding.

1. What specific areas do I want focused coaching on? (Primary Goals)

2. What would successful coaching in areas mentioned above allow you to do?  What would success in these areas look like in your life? (Please describe.)

3. Are there events, activies, roles, responsibilities or positions your new skills will lead to or help you achieve?

4. Do you have a vision of how you see yourself 'down the road' in terms of your communication capabilities or style? Please describe.

5. Do you have secondary or tertiary goals in addition to those discussed in #1 above?

6. Any other comments, concerns, areas of interest you can share about your desire to become a more effective communicator/employee/manager/leader?

Feel free to contact me by phone or e-mail if you have any questions that you want answered prior to responding by e-mail or fax. Based in part on the responses to this questionnaire, clients will receive a proposal including time frames, fees and shared objectives, which you can review and we can discuss.

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