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Take the Chill

Out of Cold Calls

Does the thought of making a cold call give you the chills?

UNLESS you are an experienced salesperson, "cold calling" — the act of calling up or calling on a stranger — can be a foreboding or even humiliating experience. Taking the Chill Out of Cold Calls demystifies the experience.

Web sites and fancy marketing campaigns are fine, but using the trusty telephone works even better!

Cold Calls are the quickest way for you to qualify and sell others your services or products. Is your fear of cold calls holding you back?

Participants learn the basics of cold calling, the subtleties and nuances of experts, and get hands-on experience in making cold calls.

Whether you're selling a product, service or yourself, Taking the Chill Out of Cold Calls provides you with an understanding of the nuts and bolts of cold calling, and the psychology behind this essential form of communication. Taking the Chill Out of Cold Calls also arms you with tangible tips, tricks and techniques for consistently communicating your position, thus helping you make the sale.

Among the Topics Covered
  Adopt Your Calling Persona to Effectively State Your Case On the Phone or In Person
  Developing Your Calling Script
  Circumventing Gatekeepers to Reach Decision Makers
  8 Strategies for Handling Common Objections
  Developing Your Calling Script
  6 Ways to Maneuver Beyond 'No' to get to 'Yes'
  How to Employ Listening Techniques to Leverage Your Selling Power
  How to Create Your Cold Caller's Tool Kit

The End Results
Participants walk away with their own script, the beginnings of their cold calling tool kit, and, most importantly, the confidence to call!

Professionals in banking, communications, high tech, and other fields have benefitted from attending Take the Chill Out of Cold Calls; it has assisted new and shy salespeople, the self-employed, start-up entrepreneurs, non-profit and other groups.

About Your Presenter Shy by nature, Craig Harrison has nevertheless sold everything from jewelry to jokebooks to 'biscuits in a basket' using basic cold calling techniques. A Bay Area-based professional trainer on communications and other business topics, Craig has plied his skills in the training departments of software companies, publishing houses and non-profits.

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