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Instruction and Coaching

Craig's Coaching can help you in the following areas:

Interacting Successfully with Strangers
+ How to Work A Room (Networking)
+ How to Introduce Yourselves to Others (Elevator Speech)
+ How to Mingle & Mix, Compliment and Inquire
+ How to Exude Confidence

Effective Communication Skills
+ Speaking Clearly and Audibly
+ Enunciating Effectively
+ Employing Vocal Variety
+ Learn All About Interview Dynamics

Become A Versatile Communicator
+ Take the Chill Out of Cold Calls
+ Take the Lead in Meetings and Discussions
+ Constructively Critique Someone Else's Performance
+ Employ Active Listening techniques

When The Going Gets Tough
+ Learn to Handle Difficult Questions & Questioners
+ Speak Up & Speak Out : Effectively Asserting Yourself
+ Negotiate Effectively
+ Learn to Communicate with Different Styles and Types

Effectively Communicate in "One-on-One" Situations
+ Learn Coaching and Training Techniques for Twosomes
+ Build Trust and Confidence in Others

Let Craig Customize a plan to help you communicate with clarity and confidence!

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To schedule an engagement,
contact Craig by email: Craig@ExpressionsOfExcellence.com
or by phone: (510) 547-0664.

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