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What's Your Communication Quotient?

Rate yourself in the following five areas. Place a + or to the left of each line depending on whether you currently are strong or weak in each activity.

Can You Interact Successfully with Strangers?
__ Make Small Talk?
__ Ask them About Themselves?
__ Tell Them About Yourself?
__ Introduce Two Strangers to Each Other
__ Discuss Current Events with Confidence

How Effective Are Your Communication Skills?
__ Can You Give A Prepared Speech?
__ Can You Speak Extemporaneously?
__ Can You Make A Sales Presentation?
__ Can You Interview Someone Else? Be Interviewed?

How Versatile A Communicator Are You?
__ Can You Make A Cold Call?
__ Can You Train Others?
__ Can You Conduct A Meeting As Its Leader?
__ Can You Constructively Critique Another's Performance?

When The Going Gets Tough
__ Can You Handle Constructive Criticism?
__ Can You Assert Yourself When Necessary & Speak Up?
__ Can You Negotiate Effectively?
__ Can You Co-exist With Diverse Personality Styles?

How Effectively Can You Communicate in "One-on-One" Situations
__ Can You Instill Trust in Others? Engender their Support?
__ Can You Diffuse Verbal Criticism and Maintain Control?

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