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Making Honesty
& Integrity
Your Policies

It's better to have character than to be one!

"Character is like a tree
and reputation like its shadow.
The shadow is what we think of it;
the tree is the real thing."
Abraham Lincoln

As a leader, manager, speaker or professional of any kind, credibility is essential to your being hired, promoted, followed, respected and trusted. Are you credible in the eyes of your co-workers, employees or managers? Are you believable? Promotable? Electable?

CREDIBILITY is the foundation upon which you raise children, build businesses and establish a career. In a world that celebrates what’s incredible, your goal should be that which is credible.

Learning Objectives:

      Assess who is credible and who isn’t, and why
      Learn ways of establishing personal credibility in the workplace: via your language, attire, presence, listening skills and patterns of performance
      Master the ability to say no with credibility and how to deliver bad news credibly
      Understand the art of the apology and how to recover from mistakes to enhance your credibility
      Understand the role of key gender and cultural differences
      Discover ways to build your reputation through words and deeds

How The Presentation is Delivered
Using stories, examples and historical figures from Bernie Madoff and Joe Paterno to Mother Theresa and George Washington, we explore how credibility is established, enhanced or eroded through words and deeds. Discussions, real life scenarios and a fun credibility game all help attendees assess others’ credibility using their own value system.

About Your Presenter
Craig Harrison writes, trains, coaches and speaks about communication and leadership and their vital role in professional success. His articles have appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, he has been profiled by The Wall Street Journal, and interviewed by 60 Minutes, BBC Radio, Selling Power and Business Week magazines.

Craig has trained corporate, academic and non-profit groups to communicate with clarity and confidence and chaired various boards of directors. As 2004-05 president of the National Speakers Association’s Northern California chapter, a past president of the International Customer Service Association (SF-Silicon Valley chapter), and past District Governor for Toastmasters International, Craig has helped thousands become credible and confident communicators.

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