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Rx fo CX:

Creating Remarkable Customer Experiences (CX) Using
Design Thinking

Design thinker Craig HarrisonCraig Harrison

In Customer service is DEAD! (RIP)

Delivering customer service isn't good enough. In today’s experience economy, your customers, clients and constituents crave memorable Customer Experiences (CX)!

Are you delivering memorable…or mundane experiences? Your competitors get it, and give it! If you aren't, you're just "renting" your customers.

Changing Expectations
Regardless of your industry, your customers’ expectations are being raised by leaders in hospitality, travel, healthcare, entertainment and high-tech. They are already delivering great Customer Experiences. You know them by reputation: Disney, Zappos, IDEO, Harley-Davidson, Nordstrom, Starbucks, Square and Paypal, among others. Now your customers know them too and the great experiences they create for customers.

It's time you analyze your operation from your customers' point of view. What’s their user experience? Is it instinctive? Efficient? Pleasing? Fun? Or is it frustrating, inefficient or unnecessarily complicated?

Success by Design
Your goal: to create great customer experiences…using Design Thinking as popularized by IDEO and Stanford's d.school institute of design. Once you understand touch points, create journey maps of your customers' experiences, employ empathy and walk a mile in your customers' shoes you can conceive of fresher, more powerful ways to create great customer experiences. That builds loyalty, leads to repeat business, referrals and great word of mouth marketing.

Among the Topics Covered:

  • Understand the customer experience revolution and how it applies to your enterprise.

  • Create powerful touch points that reinforce your organization’s values, bringing smiles to your clients.

  • Audit your customer experience through creation of journey maps to identify new ways to WOW and NOW your customers.

  • Listen with empathy to learn valuable insights from your customers to improve your alignment to their needs, creating customers for life.

How The Presentation is Delivered
Videos, slides, stories and case studies from CX leaders will inspire you. Design thinking concepts help you conceive of new and natural ways to create and enhance CX for your clientele.

About Your Presenter
Craig Harrison is past president of the International Customer Service Association’s San Francisco-Silicon Valley chapter, and the National Speakers Association’s Northern California chapter. His clients have included HLC Home Loans (CIBC), United Airlines, Ragan Management Seminars, SBC Pacific Bell, Pfizer, The US Army, The Salvation Army and Hitachi America.

His service articles have appeared in Support World, and his columns in Transaction World and Customer Service Newsletter appear regularly.

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