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Handling Difficult Questions & Questioners

Are you on the front line or firing line?
Are you forever on the hot seat at work?
Are you forced to handle difficult questions from difficult questioners?

In today's litigious environment you've got to know what to say, what not to say, and how to say it or not! Your ability to think, listen and speak on your feet could save your job, your boss's, or company's reputation. Are you ready when pressed into service?

Handling Difficult Questions and Questioners is designed to fortify you with proven strategies to respond to hostile questions, hostile questioners and volatile situations you will inevitably encounter.

Learning Objectives

  Learn to anticipate questions and deliver prepared answers in seemingly impromptu fashion
  Develop the ability to gauge your audience and tailor your responses to fit their needs, speaking their language
  Learn to pre-empt difficult questions — diffusing them in your prepared remarks
  Master techniques for setting expectations, ground rules and protocol
  Learn ways to finesse your question and questioner
  Understand how to use the limits of your expertise, jurisdiction and responsibility to your advantage

Techniques for Handling Difficult Questions

How The Presentation is Delivered
Through use of scripts, role playing and coaching, you'll become adept at handling the unexpected, learn to put a good face bad situations, practice remaining in control, and become a calming influence on others when the going gets tough.

Ways This Training Can Help You
You will gain confidence in impromptu speaking situations through physical and mental exercises. You will also develop the ability to acknowledge the speaker's question, establish rapport and engender trust, and adeptly respond to a variety of difficult questions.

About Your Presenter
Craig Harrison has faced hostile audiences for over 20 years! He has chaired contentious boards, presided over acrimonious council meetings and walked through corporate minefields. He is expert at using honesty, tact and humor, when appropriate, to find common ground with opponents and treat them with dignity and respect, regardless of the animosity present.

Difficult Customers
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Dealing with Difficult Questions and Questioners presentation


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