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Your Sixteen Second Success:

Riding Your Elevator Speech to the Top!


Are you getting the most out of word-of-mouth marketing?
Would you like to gain new clients or customers?
Are you interested in building new professional and personal relationships?
Are you ready to increase your sphere of influence?

I can teach you how, and it only takes 16 seconds!

In the time it takes you to ride an elevator with a stranger I can teach you how to: 
  Introduce yourself in memorable fashion
  Emphasize the benefits you provide or solutions you offer
  Showcase your uniqueness
  Get asked questions
  Set yourself apart from the competition
  Begin to build your new relationship

In short, I can teach you to deliver an 'Elevator' speech to open the doors to success.

In a fun, interactive and humorous presentation I can help your audience script and deliver their elevator speeches. I teach professionals from high tech, healthcare, hospitality, and a host of other professions, how to make a great first impression and expand their business.

 In a world in which we're all competing for peoples' attention, an elevator speech gives you the edge. Best of all, these mini-speeches can be given anytime and anywhere, not just in elevators!

 Learning Objectives
  How You Sell Yourself: Image and Presentation
  Recasting Your Occupation for Maximum Effect
  What Your Product/Service Can Do For Others (Features & Benefits)
  Developing Your Pitch and Catch
  Asking Questions to Engage Listeners and Gather Information
  How to Leave Them Wanting More
  Ad-Libbing From A Script

Satisfied customers include North American executives, entrepreneurs, consultants, sales staffs, meeting planners and job seekers.

Are you ready to effectively bask in your sixteen seconds of fame?  Going up...you bet you are...with your Elevator Speech!

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