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Turning Customer Service Inside Out

How Your Company's Internal Customer Service
Affects External Customers

While attention is rightly focused on delivering quality customer service to external customers, how effective is your internal customer service? Are you treating other departments with as much attentiveness, courtesy and understanding as you accord your external customers?

Research has shown that when internal customer service — teamwork and effective communication — is lacking, external customers suffer. The correlation is clear. Exemplary external customer service derives from the inside.

Service Tune Up
Developing a customer service orientation within your company can not only pay dividends with external customers, but also improve efficiency, build teamwork and promote understanding within your organization. Isn't it time you tuned up your internal customer service?

Learning Objectives
  Analyze How Breakdowns in Internal Customer Service Diminish External Customer Service
  Take the Internal Service Survey: Rate Your Own Company's Commitment to Internal Customer Service
  Understand 5 Ways of Improving Inter-Departmental Communication
  Develop 7 Team Building Techniques for Leveraging Each Department's Strengths
  Learn Ways to Better Serve Your Employees So They In Turn Can Serve External Customers Better.

How The Presentation Unfolds
Definitions, positive and negative anecdotal case studies, self-appraisals, illuminating role playing activities and a practical question & answer session all help attendees Turn Customer Service Inside Out.

About Your Presenter
Craig Harrison has developed training materials for the software, banking, public relations and publishing fields, and trained corporate, academic & non-profit groups on quality and customer service topics for the last decade.

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Internal Service PDF
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