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Orchestrating Leadership!

Are you an aspiring, emerging or current leader of an organization, team or work group?
Whether you’re a V.P., manager, director, coordinator, teacher, coach or parent, you are a leader.

ORCHESTRATING LEADERSHIP teaches you to become a more successful and effective leader.

The Leadership Response

In ORCHESTRATING LEADERSHIP we inventory your current leadership skills and proclivities, and demonstrate how in every role and situation there is a “leadership” response. By understanding the components of effective leadership you become better able to lead.

Expression of Excellence! reminds us of the difference we can make when we apply our energy, creativity and attention to be and do our personal best.

Expression of Excellence! come in all forms: from monumental projects to random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty. Each instance of excellence enhances life for others and inspires us in its magnificence.

  Rate your current leadership qualities and learn how to become a high performing leader in your chosen endeavor.
  Develop your vision and mission statements; Articulate them so as to enlist others in your cause.
  Understand how personal integrity, group dynamics, role recognition and consensus all play a part in your success.
  Experience what it’s like to recruit and build a team, agree upon distinct roles, create a division of labor, attack problems and work toward achieving common goals.
  Experience challenges to your leadership
and experiment with different responses

Benefits to Attendees:
  You Will Understand Different Leadership Styles
  Be Able to Recognize “The Leadership Response
  Understand how personal integrity, group dynamics, role recognition and consensus all play a part in your success.
  Learn Ways to Groom Fellow and Future Leaders
  Skillfully Learn to Handle Challenges to Your Leadership

How The Presentation Works
In this fun-filled interactive session, attendees take turns conducting the orchestra, to understand how others respond to their leadership style, how we’re all subject to an ever-changing score, and how to get the best performance out of musicians of differing temperaments.

Definitions, case studies and anecdotal stories augment participatory activities.

About Your Presenter
Craig Harrison has effectively chaired boards of directors, managed corporate departments, coached sports teams and soundly led non-profits internationally with both results and style!

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