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Meeting Management:
Avoiding An All-Meet Diet!

Whether you’re leading, facilitating or just suffering from meetings, this presentation teaches you everything you need to know to plan, stage and recover from meetings, be they weekly, board or the shareholder variety.

Learn by doing in this interactive program that includes designing and presenting your own ice-breakers, problem solving of real life meetings messes, and utilization of meeting phraseology.

The higher up in a company you rise, the more time you will spend in meetings. Yet you needn’t be held captive by bad planning, poor manners and endless meetings. It’s time you season your meetings!

Learning Objectives:
  • Compute the high cost of meetings in your organization and learn alternatives to meetings
  • Discover how to optimize your meeting environment for maximum effect
  • Identify key elements for your written agendas
  • Construct your Meeting Toolkit
  • Understand the basics of Parliamentary Procedure
  • Customize your own Ice Breakers
  • Learn to recognize and thwart distractorsy
  • How to build in accountability
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your meeting
  • Recognize gender and cultural issues at play
  • Learn about Ground Rules and Parking Lots

How The Presentation Works
Stories and scenarios, role plays and anecdotal examples all play a large part in addressing the good, the bad and the ugly of meetings, and how to generate
maximum impact from yours. Attendees design their own ice breakers, take turn conducting the meeting and also playing common meeting roles in mock meeting interludes throughout the program.

About Your Presenter
Leader Craig Harrison has chaired boards of directors, presided over acrimonious council meetings and walked through corporate minefields as he’s led, facilitated and guided meetings in high-tech, non-profit and public sector settings.

Craig's articles on meetings, listening skills and retreats have been published in Executive Excellence, Transaction World and The Toastmaster magazines, and the San Francisco Chronicle. Craig’s expert at using honesty, tact and humor, when appropriate, to find common ground with opponents, treat them with dignity and respect, regardless of animosity present.

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