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New Job Survival Guide

The Secrets Behind Your First Day, First Week & First Month at Work

CONGRATULATIONS, you've aced the interview, gotten the job and start on Monday. But employee beware, it's what they didn't tell you in your job interview, what isn't described in the job description and hasn't been documented in the new employee's handbook that may spell the difference in whether you are well received, find the fast track, and ultimately succeed in your new position or company.

The first days, weeks and months are critical periods in every employee's career. How you handle these key periods in your new position can spell the difference between the fast track and lap track

This presentation orients the new employee to the plethora of considerations he or she must be aware of — prior to coming aboard.

Among the Topics Covered:
  • Before You Begin
  • Handling Your First Day
  • Daily Considerations
  • Beneath the Surface
  • Homework!
  • Developing Your Support System
  • The Hidden Organization
  • Mentoring Within Your Organization & Industry
  • Milestones and Their Importance
  • Being Yourself
  • The Master Plan

Don't Just Survive...Thrive!

This training covers everything from dressing for success to 'the name game' to office etiquette. Learn about corporate cultures, about the politics of "doing lunch" and how your desk housekeeping and phone etiquette are perceived by others.

About Your Presenter

A former manager himself, communications guru Craig Harrison has hired and fired, and been hired and fired! He speaks from experience, having worked in non-profits, the publishing field and the last decade in high-tech. Let 'Coach Craig' help you find the inside track.

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