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Delivering Great Customer Service On The Phone:
The Voice of Customer Service!


Your facial expressions can't be seen. Your body language is invisible, and yet your company's reputation may be riding on how you answer the call! Are you delivering great customer service over the telephone? Can you afford not to?

Delivering great customer service over the telephone means more than answering the phone on the first ring, or being polite and courteous to your callers.

Great phone support and service means managing yourself, managing your caller, managing the equipment and managing the process, so as to resolve problems, retain customers, strengthen relationships and leave callers with that “warm happy feeling” of being valued and cared for.

With proper phone support training and a desire to make a difference, you too can deliver great customer service over the telephone. I can show you how.

Managing You

You have control over your work environment, voice and tone, systems and motivation. This training addresses each of these factors which contribute to stellar support.

Understanding Your Callers

Once inside the mind of your customers you can calm, soothe and satisfy them on a practical or emotional level. By actively listening, asking probing questions and assessing callers' own acuity you can best determine how to salve their angst and put a smile on their face. Exceed their expectations and they'll be customers for life.

Managing the Call

By understanding “The 5-Step Service Response” you will be equipped with a technique for handling all calls so as to resolve problems for maximum satisfaction. By harnessing the power of your technology it can actually work in concert to help customers feel cared for and protected, understood and validated.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn to analyze calls: identify and assess emotional and practical components and respond to each
  • Develop a telephone demeanor reflecting compassion, concern, empathy and respect
  • Sharpen your listening skills to hear the meta-message in each call: key concepts, ideas and fears
  • Learn valuable physical and psychological relaxation techniques for reducing stress and avoiding burnout

How The Presentation is Delivered

Role plays, scripts, stories, assessments and exercises all make this training fun, easy, interactive & replicable.

About Your Presenter

Craig Harrison has developed training materials for the pharmaceutical, software, banking, PR and publishing fields, and trained corporate and academic groups on quality and customer service for the last decade.

Craig's customer service articles have been featured in Support World, Transaction World, The Professional Caterer, City News and Customer Service Newsletter.

He is also a past president of the International Customer Service Association's San Francisco Bay Area/Silicon Valley chapter.

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