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Workplace Communication

Developing Your Workplace Communication Quotient (CQ)
 How to be a credible communicator, run effective meetings, handle difficult situations, use humor in the workplace and much more. A MUST-READ for employees and managers.


50 Page

Listening: The Forgotten Communication Skill 
Sharpen your listening skills. Take the quiz, learn to listen actively, understand gender differences and develop listening skills for one-on-one and meeting environments.


50 Page

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Meetings Made Fun & Easy
Everything you need to know for planning, leading/facilitating and evaluating meetings


40 Page

Tick Tock: Take Time for Time Management!
A workbook designed to help you analyze how you currently spend your time, and implement strategies to improve your time management skills. What are you waiting for? Buy it now!


40 Page

Managing Multiple Demands
Learn to identify, prioritize and act upon multiple demands encroaching on your quality of life. Techniques, strategies and bonus relaxation tips too.


45 Page

Humor Us:
A Humor Compendium

Amusing stories of humor in sales and service, in the workplace and in the job seeking market.


70 Page


Sales & Marketing Workplace Communication Customer Service For Speakers

Opening the doors to success through better communication skills.

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