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Story Tell Story Sell!

Sales through Storytelling --
Showcasing Your Skills, Values and Experience


One of the most powerful ways to connect with prospects, colleagues, co-workers and others is through storytelling.

All our life we've been told stories: as children, in school, at camp, through books, movies, opera and even television and radio commercials. As humans we're hard-wired for stories. We're conditioned to respond to them and we do!

Why Stories Work

Stories resonate with listeners. They allow the listener to connect emotionally with the storyteller. Listeners hear themselves in the stories they are told. Best yet, stories are memorable. Facts and figures are forgettable. A good story is remembered and retold. And here's a secret: you have a storied past!

“Success” stories succinctly showcase your skills, past accomplishments, values and style. Through your story a listener can easily gauge your professionalism, confidence level and acuity, and so much more.

Learning Objectives

  Use Craig's Setting-Situation-Solution telling format
  Mine your past for “success” stories
  Learn to tap universal themes through your stories
  Receive tips, coaching and practice telling yours
  Deconstruct powerful stories to understand their design
  Receive coaching on yours

How The Presentation is Delivered
Participants take past accomplishments and tell the story behind them, using Craig's format and template. Craig shares sample stories to showcase multiple qualities and helps each attendee craft theirs. A fabulous worksheet assists attendees in developing and delivering their stories.

About Your Presenter
Communications expert Craig Harrison has been telling stories since he went door-to-door at age eleven selling Used Jokes. He is a past president of Dramatically Speaking Storytelling Group, a board member of the Storytelling Association of Alta California and 2004-05 president of the National Speakers Association's Northern California chapter. A humorous storyteller and prolific writer himself, Craig helps myriad groups tell their stories with signature style and ease.

To download a small PDF file of this description: click Sales Through Storytelling PDF.

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