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101 Methods, Techniques, & Tips
for Service Success!

In a tight economy, CUSTOMER SERVICE is often the differentiator! Is your service stellar or stinky? Seize the service edge and keep customers for life! Let Craig show you how!

There will always be competitors with lower prices. Yet you become unbeatable when you earn the trust, loyalty and devotion of your customers, clients and constituents — through stellar service!

Stellar Service! teaches you myriad strategies, methods and techniques for successfully serving your customers with style, swiftness and aplomb. You will complete this program with a checklist of action items to immediately and instantaneously implement. It’s time you Express Your Excellence!

Stellar Service!
Excerpted from his book Stellar Service!, this presentation addresses customer service in person, over the telephone, through the Internet, and also addresses dealing with problem customers. Examples and role plays augment the instruction and stories used to teach improved customer service techniques.

Designed for YOU!

Stellar Service! cultivates a “bias to action” among service personnel. There is always a service response. Find out what it is and how to apply it…in every situation. Whether you are in hospitality, high-tech or health care, are in a call center, support or help desk environment, or in a retail environment, master Stellar Service and results will ensue! Customization ensures the examples and language are relevant, and the impact lasting.

Among the Topics Covered:
  • Learn magic words and phrases that please customers; Replace unproductive language with Lingo Franca — the language of service.
  • Develop a phone demeanor reflecting compassion, concern, empathy, respect to build customer/brand loyalty.
  • Sharpen your listening skills to hear the meta-message in each exchange: key concepts, ideas, fears and quell them.
  • Develop a methodology for handling difficult customers to strengthen loyalty and retain customers for life.
  • Learn valuable physical and psychological relaxation techniques for reducing stress and avoiding burnout.

How The Presentation is Delivered
Role plays, scripts, stories, assessments and exercises make this training fun, easy, interactive and replicable.

About Your Presenter
Craig Harrison is past president of the International Customer Service Association’s San Francisco-Silicon Valley chapter, and the National Speakers Association’s Northern California chapter. His clients include United Airlines, Ragan Management Seminars, SBCPacific Bell, Pfizer, The Salvation Army and Hitachi America. His service articles have appeared in Support World, and his columns in Transaction World and Customer Service Newsletter appear regularly.

Stellar Service!
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