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Good,Better,Best: The Professional Toastmaster
Good,Better,Best: The Passionate Toastmaster
Good,Better,Best: The Consummate Toastmaster
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Now Available!
Now Available!

Your Next Conference Speaker...

Craig speaks at Imperial TMs in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Founder Craig's LaughLovers club established in honor of John Cantu, RIP. Find the PIP!

Craig under the Aurora Borealis in Yellowknife, NW Territories, Canada

Craig @ 10-yr anniversary of East Bay (Religious Science) TMs, which he founded.

Inspiring district leaders
as a trainer, 2009

Region II Conference keynote mirroring activity with audience volunteer, SF CA

With Past International President Bob Barnhill III in 2009.

With other professional
storytellers visiting Beijing #1
Toastmasters September, 2006.

Craig spoke at Tokyo Toastmasters in April, 2005.

Attendees share elevator speeches with Craig at his session at the 1999 International Convention in Chicago, IL

Yukon-Alaska Territory Toastmasters with Craig after his keynote and plenary sessions in Anchorage, AL in 2004
at their fall conference.


Craig Harison Knows

The Toastmasters Experience!

An ideal keynote speaker for your next
Regional or District Conference.
Let Craig set the tone, inspire attendees,
motivate achievement and reinforce critical success factors
to help your district and region succeed!

Craig's Toastmasters Offerings

The Toastmaster's Journey: Follow the Arc de Toastmasters!

Turning Milestones into Stepping Stones

Lead From Where You Sit, Stand and Speak!

The Lighter Side of Toastmasters

Developing A Two-Track Mind: Communication and Leadership

Expressions of Excellence

The Toastmaster's Journey
When you crossed the threshold and joined Toastmasters you embarked on The Hero's Journey! Understand the journey you're taking: the accelerants and mentors, the trials and tribulations, and the transformational nature of this trek. Once transformed, learn how to transform your world around you!

(Read Craig's handout on about this topic,
delivered to District 57' Fall 2009 Conference.)

Turning Milestones into Stepping Stones
Remember your first meeting, first table topic and first speech? Each was a milestone. And each milestone, once achieved, became a stepping stone to new milestones. Hear inspirational success stories of matriculation within Toastmasters. What's your next milestone? Let Craig show you how to achieve your dreams and more through Toastmasters!

(Read Craig's article on about this topic, published
in the January, 2002 edition of The Toastmaster.)

Lead From Where You Sit, Stand and Speak!
Regardless of your title in Toastmasters, and in life, you have the opportunity to lead. Are you? Learn how to lead, in your work, social and family life, regardless of your official position. Understand how to lead from where you sit, stand and speak!

(read Craig's article on about this topic, published
in the May, 2005 edition of The Toastmaster.)

The Lighter Side of Toastmasters
Over his 15 years in Toastmasters, through many district offices culminating in District Governor, Craig has seen it all. Laugh and learn from the foibles of Craig and others in this entertaining presentation that addresses conferences, contests, club meetings, speechcrafts and youth conferences in clubs from California to China, Indiana to Japan and Australia!

(Culled from Craig's experiences published in over 30 articles of Craig's
in The Toastmaster since 1996.)

Developing A Two-Track Mind
Learn to get twice the value from Toastmasters when you simultaneously pursue the communication AND leadership tracks. Speakers are leaders! Accelerate the improvement of your communication skills when you embrace Toastmasters leadership. Get promoted, get elected and get credit! Craig will show you how.

(Read Craig's article on about this topic, published
in the January, 2002 edition of The Toastmaster.)

Expressions of Excellence!
Learn to exude excellence in all that you do, within and beyond Toastmasters. Meetings are tailor made for you to express your excellence. Let Craig show you big and small ways to express yours!

(Read Craig's article on about this topic, published in the
May, 2002 edition of The Toastmaster.)

When you book Craig to keynote your Regional or District Conference he is also adept at delivering plenary and breakout sessions on Table Topics, Teamwork, Networking, Protocol and other topics of relevance to Toastmasters.

Toastmasters and Craig

Craig Harrison is a Distinguished Toastmaster, Advanced Leader, Past District Governor and 2004 recipient of a Presidential Citation from Toastmasters International.

Craig has spoken to clubs in Japan, Australia, China, at conventions in the Yukon-Alaska Territories, and at conferences and conventions in various districts in Region I, II, and III.

Since joining Oakland, California's Lakeview Toastmasters in July, 1992, Craig has won contests, started scores of clubs, saved clubs, pioneered advanced and specialty clubs with NSA and the San Francisco Bay Area humor community, and his 40+ published articles in Toastmaster have garnered a worldwide following.

Free Resources for Toastmasters Members and Leaders

Craig has presented programs at three INTERNATIONAL CONVENTIONS :

1999, Chicago, IL: Your Sixteen Second Success — The Elevator Speech
(e-mail Craig for handout)

2002, San Antonio, TX: Story Tell, Story Sell — Sales Through Storytelling
(PDF handout)

2004, Reno, NV: From Free to Fee: On Becoming a Professional Speaker
(PDF Handout)

Craig has also presented keynotes, plenary and breakout sessions at numerous REGIONAL CONFERENCES and DISTRICT CONFERENCES throughout North America.

November 11, 2017 District 4's Level Up! Fall Conference at the Embassy Suites, Foster City, CA
Level Up Your Presence, Spontaneity and Confidence with IMPROV!

Breakout at District 57's Spring Conference, May 4, 2013 handout on going
From Free to Fee as a Pro Speaker

Plenary and Keynote for District 43 in Little Rock, Arkansas April 19-20, 2013:
Achieving Your Bucket List Using Toastmasters

Plenary session from District 57's 2011 Fall Conference "Aspire and Achieve" in Vallejo, CA:
Pay Attention to Retention: Helping Clubs Keep Members Motivat

Breakout at District 57s 2012 Fall Conference in Vallejo CA on how to "Play a Bigger Game" (PDF)

Breakout session from District 57's 2010 Fall Conference "Raise the Roof" in San Ramon, CA:
Become An Improv-Master: Leveraging Improv in Toastmastering and Life! (PDF handout)

Keynote from Region II's 2009 Conference in San Mateo (SF) CA:
Good, Better...BEST! On Becoming the Consummate Toastmaster (handout)

Breakout session from D-57's 2010 Spring Conference May 8, 2010 in Vallejo CA:
Achieving Your Toastmasters & Life's "Bucket List" (handout)

Second Breakout session from D-57's 2010 Spring Conference May 8, 2010 in Vallejo CA:
You've Got Stories! (handout)

D-57 Spring Conference, 2009 breakout session #1:
Turning the Tables on Table Topics (PDF)

D-57 Spring Conference, 2009 breakout session #2:
The Empowering Leader (PDF)

D-57 Fall Conference, 2008 breakout session: Homegrown Humor -- Prospecting Your Past to Uncover Your Own Stories. (PDF)

D-57 Fall Conference, 2008 breakout session: Cultivating the Leader In You! (PDF)

D-57 Spring Conference Plenary Session: Now What? 4-page handout about leveraging Toastmasters skills in the outside world to make a difference. May 10, 2008.

D-57 Spring Conference handout promoting Toastmasters' Two-Track System: Communication & Leadership from 2003.

D-4 Fall Conference leadership breakfast handout from 2003.

D-21 Fall Conference handout from Keynote on Building Habits of Success, Vancouver, Canada.


February 3, 2018 District 4's TLI at Sony Interactive Entertainment, Foster City, CA
Paying Attention to Retention: Helping Clubs Keep Members Motivated and Matriculating

June 11, 2016 TLI at Diablo Valley College, Pleasant Hill, CA
Mentoring Slide Deck and TI Resources as an Archive to download

March, 2016 workshop on The Toastmaster Whisperer (Public-Private Evaluations) for Speakers Forum evaluation club in Pleasanton CA: Handout with Checklist (PDF)

Dec 1, 2012 TLI at Diablo Valley College, Pleasant Hill, CA
It's Time to Ideate: Brainstorming for New Members, New Clubs, Meeting Themes and Speech Topics (PDF containing handout and article)

Dec 1, 2012 TLI at Diablo Valley College, Pleasant Hill, CA
Pay Attention to Retention! (PDF)

June 2, 2012 TLI at Diablo Valley College, Pleasant Hill, CA
Optimize Your Meeting Room the Feng Shui Way (PDF containing handout and article)

S-T-R-E-T-C-H: For All VTMs -- Veteran Toastmasters -- How to See TI Programs Tthrough A New Lens (PDF containing handout and article)

February 11, 2012 at Genentech, S.SF, CA
Improvocate: Improv for non-officers

January 14, 2012 in Novato, CA
D-57 VP-Public Relations training for club officers, (Zipped files with new logo!)

January 15, 2011 in San Jose, CA
District 4 TLI Keynote "Become A Beacon of Excellence: Lead from where you sit, stand or speak

Become An Improv-Master PDF (Breakout on improv skills)
From Free to Fee: A Step-by-Step Approach to Profesional Speaking PDF (Breakout)

TLI Training for Educational Vice Presidents (PDF), December 4, 2010 in Orinda CA.

D-57 VP-Public Relations training for club officers, August 2009 (Zipped files)

Craig's List of 110 Speech Topics to Help Speechcrafters to Give Speeches (PDF)

Craig with Shanghai humor bilngual club (inspired by Craig's LaughLovers) at a banquet dinner in his honor, March, 2007. Also pictured: club founder Eugene Tang (back row behind chair, to Craig's right) and district leader Warwick John Fahey.

Craig (top row) in September, 2007 at 10-year anniversary of East Bay Toastmasters,
the East Bay Church of Religious Science group he co-sponsored and co-mentored
in 1997 as District 57 Governor with Cassandra Cockrill DTM, PDG
for Rev. Eloise Oliver

Craig under the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights),
with the Feburary and March 2010
editions of Toastmaster magazine,
containing his articles on Table Topics and Storytelling respectively.

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