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Developing Your Communication

Effective Workplace Communication Skills

COMMUNICATION TAKES MANY FORMS. In a typical work day you may communicate with customers, clients, co-workers (including superiors, subordinates and col-leagues), vendors, and city, state and federal representatives. Do you communicate with interns or volunteers? On occasion you're also speaking with the media, members of your association or even competitors.

How well are you communicating with each? Each form of communication draws on different skills, each requires different approaches and sometimes even a different lexicon. Forget GQ! These days it's your CQ that matters ... your Communication Quotient.

It's time you sharpen your Communication Quotient!

Learning Objectives:

      Develop Techniques for Delivering a Report in a Meeting
      Elicit Co-Worker Support for a Project By Speaking the Language of Benefits
      Learn to Speak One-on-One with a Co-Worker Regarding a Problem
      Build and Motivate A Work Team
      Learn the ABC's of Written Communication
      How to Give Instructions That Can't Be Misunderstood
      Handling Difficult Questions & Difficult Questioners

How The Presentation is Delivered
Definitions, positive and negative anecdotal case studies, illuminating role playing activities and a practical question & answer session all help attendees develop their communication quotient.

About Your Presenter
Craig Harrison writes, trains, coaches and speaks about communication and its vital role in professional success. His articles have appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, Executive Excellence, Transaction World and numerous other magazines and newspapers, he has been profiled by The Wall Street Journal, quoted by Business Week, interviewed by 60 MINUTES and BBR Radio. Craig has also developed training materials for the software, banking, pharmaceutical, public relations and publishing fields,and has trained corporate, academic and non-profit groups to communicate with clarity and confidence.

A past president of the National Speakers Association's Northern California chapter and a past District Governor for Toastmasters International,Craig has helped thousands improve their communication skills.

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