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Sales By Numbers

Finding Meaning
and Motivation in
Sales Numbers

by Craig Harrison

in September,

Transaction World Magazine

It’s said sales is a numbers game. I couldn’t agree more. Which numbers speak to you?

Your likelihood of making a sale when you don’t bid on a given contract or ask for the sale
Your goal on the sales chart. To be #1
How many it takes to Tango. There’s you and each customer!
(Also what you want to avoid stepping into.)
Annual rate of increase in productivity in US economy
The types of people in the world… those who can count and those who can’t.
3rd Place
How to get fired according to the sales contest rules in Glengary Glen Ross ( First prize: A Cadillac El Dorado; second prize: a set of steak knives. )
The kinds of people there are in the world — those who understand binary and those who don’t
Percentage of all statistics that are made up
Percentage of sales made after 5th rejection! (this is why you may hear 5 No’s before getting to Yes.)
Percentage of people on hold who will hang up.
(Just 33% of those will call back!)
Percentage of salespeople give up after first rejection
the part of success you achieve just by showing up, according to Woody Allen.
Pareto’s rule. In sales it refers to the fact that 80% of the sales are made by 20% of the salespeople. It’s also cited as the ratio in which 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers. (See also 95!)
The part of baseball that is mental. The other half, according to Yogi Berra, is physical. (Applicable to sales.)
Percentage of all sales made by just 25% of the salespeople, according to other studies.
The average number of calls we need to make to obtain twenty bona fide leads which likely result to three sales.
The number of words per minute people speak at*
(see 1000-1200 below)
Words a minute people think at (four times greater than we can speak)


Number of hours / year of work based on 40 Hr week;
Number of hours / year of work based on 80 Hr week
Average yearly salary for supply merchant wholesalers
Number of new jobs created by US employers in month of April, 2005
New millionaires in the world in 2004, according to Merrill Lynch’s World Wealth Report.
Number of bankruptcies nationwide in fiscal 2004
Number of hits on Google when searching for ISOs.
Number of copies sold of Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman in the World
Phone number for quote for sales and service training, motivation and support.

Let’s face it, numbers can be numbing. They can alternately motivate or de-motivate you, depending on the stock you place in them. Seek solace from the numbers that inspire, motivate and support your sales strategy. And if you don’t like these numbers, I am counting on you to go out and make some of your own!


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