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5-Steps to Success: Manage Your Customer Service Situations
by Craig Harrison

February, 2000 edition of
Customer Service Newsletter

In every customer service situation there exists a Service Response. I recommned you use this 5-step method called The Service Response.

1. Listen empathetically!
Acknowledge the complaint and validate how the customer feels at the outset.

2. Confirm your understanding of the customer complaint:
Repeat the problem or complaint to insure you understand it properly.

3. Work together toward a satisfactory solution:
Express your willingness to "make it right."

4. Commit the company’s full resources to achieving the desired outcome:
Resolve the problem, while also correcting any systemic flaw which may have caused it.

5. Follow up to insure problem is resolved to customer’s satisfaction:
Point out the company's commitment to serving its customers, now and for the future.
Craig Harrison is a professional speaker, corporate trainer and communication coach who helps companies retain customers through exemplary customer service techniques.

Note to readers: This sidebar article was published in the February 2000 edition of Customer Service Newsletter, as a companion piece to his "What Message are your CSRs Really Sending?" article.

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