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Keepin' It Real

Reputations Built Through Daily Reps
by Craig Harrison

January, 2006
edition of
Transaction World Magazine

It's been said if you can fake sincerity, you've got it made. Seriously though, how are you planning to make it? Is your reputation helping or hindering your ascent to the top?

Daily Reps

What sort of reputation are you building through your daily practices? How are you regarded in the workplace? How about in the marketplace? And among your customers? Your colleagues? Competitors? Supervisors and subordinates? Is it consistent with your self-image? If not, some rehabilitation may be required.

What do you want to be known for? Even-handedness? Wise counsel? Integrity? Creativity? Industriousness? People skills? Or just your exceptional closing skills? Will you be the salesperson formerly known as Prince or more akin to Machiavelli's Prince? Are you referred to as a legend in your own mind? It's time you take control of your image.

Which Hall Do You Qualify For: Fame or Shame?

In a world that is seemingly results-driven the means to your ends may not seem important. Yet true professionals win the right way. They win as ladies and gentlemen. They don't trade their integrity for a quick sale, or sell a colleague down the river for personal gain.

Does Your Press Impress or Depress?

Some years ago I was fortunate to be profiled in the Wall Street Journal for my endeavors as a communicator. Yet many professionals receive nationwide notoriety for their misdeeds. Not all press is good press. When they Google you let's hope the hits are positive and not hits on your reputation. A scan of today's Journal headlines identifies individuals and companies in the news for bias, fraud, perjury, unlawful conduct and other malfeasance. Don't let this be you!

A Is For Audit

What letter grade do you give yourself in the following areas?

___      Availability            ___       Accountability          ___    Reliability

___      Honesty                 ___       Credibility                 ___    Transparency

Would others give you the same marks? What does that say about your reputation?

How Are You Driving?

Answer the following questions about yourself. Do you:

  1. Make your deadlines?

  2. Deliver what you promise?

  3. Rectify problems in a timely manner?

  4. Give consistent attention to your customers?

  5. Exhibit congruity between what you say and do?

  6. Strive for win-wins?

  7. Bring pride to your team, organization and profession?

As a salesperson are you more akin to Superman, Spiderman or a Matchstick Man?

You can lead the field in more than just sales. Set the standard for integrity and professionalism and watch your sales soar. Build a reputation based on excellence and be the exemplar others strive to emulate.

Craig Harrison's Expressions Of Excellence!™ helps professionals express their sales and service excellence with style.

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