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June, 2008
Pride, Passion and Purpose Propel You to Success!

As a consultant or sales professional, do you possess pride? Passion? Purpose? These three elements will fuel your success, whether in sales or service, in leadership or in life. It's time you polish your professionalism!

The Power of Pride

Are you proud of your business? You should be! When you take pride in your team, your department, and your organization, it shows. Pride is powerful. It's an emblem that accompanies you on your sales and service calls, and speaks as loudly as the words you espouse. Have pride in your products and services, and in the organization you represent. Take similar pride in your practices, your appearance, comportment and communications.

Do you dress for success? Do you make a professional appearance? Nice tie: one point. Nice suit: one point. Shabby shoes: minus three points! Is your vehicle presentable? What about your briefcase?
Collateral Damage?

Collateral materials such as brochures, reports, datasheets and signage all accentuate your professionalism or lack of same. What messages are your materials sending? Many professionals hand me business cards which imply they work for Vista Print, the service that prints free cards. That, and their hotmail account, signify to me they are new and frugal. Frugal is fine. Yet professional is better. I've received business cards with scribbles and scratches on them. The message sent: welcome to amateur hour!

Mind Your Manners

Don't let etiquette be your undoing. Know the rules for dining, for meeting and introductions, and the basics of making small talk. Learn how to work a room. My colleague Susan RoAne has been instructing men and women on savvy networking for decades. Learn what your competitors already know!

Passion Plays

Are you passionate about your company? Your products and services? Your profession? Let your passion lead the way. Passion is powerful. It's also contagious! Let yours shine through. People who sleepwalk through their meetings and appointments get pedestrian results. People who bound out of bed, who eagerly attack their day and are passionate about their craft, customers and clients are a pleasure to work with. They are powerful and you can be too.

Don't Forget Punctuality and Punctuation!

Professionalism pervades all aspects of your portfolio. Are you punctual? Are you as protective of time as you are of money? Each is a commodity. Time wasted, lost or spent cannot be replenished! Respect the time of other professionals by being punctual and setting reasonable deadlines you can honor.

Professionalism also extends to using proper punctuation. Hazy on proper punctuation? My colleague Jeff Rubin, AKA Punctuation Man, founded National Punctuation Day to promote proper punctuation. Just as he and partner Norma teach K-5th graders, we too can punctuate properly. Test your skills at www.punctuationplaytime.com or www.nationalpunctuationday.com.

Audit your practices, communications and relationships for opportunities to enhance your professionalism...and watch your sales soar!

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