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Signature Service Sets You Apart!
by Craig Harrison
(Available for reprint with permission & hotlinks)

First publication: February, 2003
edition of
Transaction World Magazine

Some companies provide indifferent, average or good customer service. A few provide great customer service. And then there's another category…signature customer service.  That's where a company's customer service is distinctly its own, with a signature style that immediately sets it apart from competitors.  Customers appreciate signature service. It goes part and parcel with the branding each company strives to create.  Can you create a signature style of customer service to augment your sales system?

Attitude at Altitude

At any given time during a trip with Southwest Airlines their signature service reminds you you're flying with them.  Their friendly demeanor and tennis shoes, at the counter, at the gate, on the plane, signals you're with Southwest.  The humor they employ, at the gate, over the in-flight intercom, and in their wonderful commercials, reminds you you're partnering with the fun folks at Southwest.  That's signature style and it's memorable, meaningful and profitable. It’s more than just peanuts.

Name That Tune

Nordstom's signature service is distinctive in a different way.  The piano music in their stores, their demeanor and their willingness to ‘make it right’ for their customers set a tone that comes through at any of their stores worldwide. 

The Mouse that Roared

Ditto Disney with its emphasis on happy guests and magical moments that delight their customers throughout their Disney experiences.  Their goal is to make every Disney experience a pleasurable one. Thus smiles and friendliness proliferate. You may be in Anaheim, Orlando or Euro-Disney and the experience will be the same.

It's Time To Sign On

So, how will your signature service set you apart from your competitors? What unique ways can you serve the needs of your customers? How can you create a service dimension that signals to customers that they're your customers, to be cared for in a unique fashion?  Will it be the care and attention to your communication with them, the style and manner you interact with them in person, the aftercare you provide, or some other method?  Express your commitment to customers via your unique brand…of signature service!


© Copyright 2003 by Craig Harrison. All Rights Reserved.

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