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In the Real World...Good Toastmaster is Easy to Find!
By Craig Harrison DTM

Manuals have been written about how to be a Good Toastmaster in our clubs, at contests and within our districts.  We read, practice and are continuously improving as communicators and leaders in our Toastmaster environment.

As I travel the world at large I constantly meet strangers who turn out to be Toastmasters.  It's not because they greet me with "Mr. Toastmaster, fellow toastmasters and welcome guests" or applaud out of reflex in airports, train stations, conferences, meetings or worship when others speak.  It is because of their values, the way they carry themselves, and their can-do spirit.  Here's a travel guide to help you identify Toastmasters...wherever you find yourself.


A Good Toastmaster:

Of course, there's one more reason why Good Toastmasters are easy to find...they're the ones wearing their Toastmaster pin!

So remember, your Toastmasters experience helps you stand out from the crowd: whether at work, in family situations or even on vacation.  The skills and confidence you've gained from Toastmasters are portable — they go where you go, and can be drawn upon at any time.  Meanwhile, keep your eyes and ears open for fellow members, you'll find them wherever you go!

Professional speaker Craig Harrison, DTM, is a charter member of Pro Toasties #7146-4 in Redwood Shores, California and, as a good Toastmaster, visits new clubs wherever he travels, domestically and internationally. 

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