Bring Your Customers In and Make Them a Part of Your Story

Bring Your Customers In and Make Them a Part of Your Story

Stories Are Memorable, Meaningful and Magic

Buying options abound. The marketplace is more crowded than ever. Many choices beckon. Why do business with you? There are likely less expensive alternatives. Yet you’re unique. Are you communicating your uniqueness? The best way to do so…through STORY.

What’s your story? Are you telling it? Is it compelling? Did you realize it’s your differentiator?

  • How and why were you formed?…Tell your tale.
  • What is the difference you are making in the world? Tell the tale!
  • What difference are your customers making in the world? Champion them…proudly tell their success story, and your part in their success.
  • Share the journey you are on…The Hero’s Journey

Why Stories?

  • Effective stories touch heartstrings
  • Powerful stories echo archetypal themes
  • Your personal stories are unique to you, yet universal in appeal
  • Stories help leaders inspire and motivate their people
  • Pourquoi stories explain why things are the way they are
  • Folk and ethnic tales from various traditions convey timeless wisdom and values

Let me, your Story-Whisperer, help you prospect your past, identify powerful stories you can share in speech and in print, from the platform, in your marketing and sales presentations, shareholder meetings and recruiting campaigns, to onboard your employees and in the press.

When customers learn about the formation of an organization and its raison d’etre, it endears them to you. They want to be a part of your success story.  Indeed, they become a part of a continuing story.

The Power of Story… for Individuals

Stories are much more powerful than facts and figures for engaging customers and building brand loyalty and attract customers from other organizations. If they like your story, all things being equal, they’re going to go with you.  Often, it’s the story that drives the sale. It’s well known we buy on emotion and justify with rationalized facts.

The Magic of Story

Stories touch hearts, open minds and connect us to others on a human level. Enemies become friends when we understand their stories. Employee morale soars when they embrace the story of their organization’s founding. Unlike facts and figures, stories stick! They are remembered, retold and engender more stories. Your stories can draw customers, inspire employees, and catapult you ahead of the pack in a crowded marketplace. Let me help you tell yours!

The Leader As Storyteller

I teach leaders how to inspire through story. I train them to tell personal stories, I help them tell stories about the creation/founding of their organization and its reason for being, I show them how to find folk and ethnic tales to use and coach them on telling these stories to impact their audiences. Stories can also be used to garner financial support. I also teach leaders to share case studies through stories of their clients’ successes.

Takeaways and Key Learning

Are you a leader needing to use stories to inspire your employees to greatness?

Are you a fundraiser wanting to share “Success” Stories of your development clients you’ve helped?

Are you a professional with a successful track record of accomplishments who wants to tell the “how” behind the “what” of your achievements, whether in a job interview, in an annual review or to explain your value to others?

Are you a sales professional who desires to sell through stories, ready to share your own “success” stories?

I can help you leverage stories in these and other ways:

  • You will uncover hidden story treasures you can share with others to inspire, motivate, educate and entertain through my story development process
  • You’ll receive help craft your story, identify archetypal themes that will resonate with your listeners, and wordsmith it into a format that is easy to tell, easy to listen to, and easy to deliver with my coaching
  • You’ll learn how your unique story touches universal themes so every listener can connect with it on one or another level with my training and coaching
  • My story delivery coaching will help you share your story in persuasive fashion, tell it naturally and such that others remember it and relate it to others

Craig Covers an Array of Storytelling Techniques

Craig will work directly with you and your organization to create a customized program that is perfectly suited to your event and audience. In the past Craig shared stories and instruction about the following topics:

  • Story Tell, Story Sell —Sales Through Storytelling
  • You’ve Got Stories! — Helping professionals prospect their past to find their OWN hidden story treasures
  • Finding the Funny — Understanding how to find and tell humorous stories and add humor to existing speeches, stories, slide decks and other materials
  • The Leader As Storyteller — Using story to inspire, motivate, recruit and lead others through change and challenges
  • Creating Your Cast of Characters — How to create compelling multi-dimensional characters with voices and idiosyncrasies.
  • Hearing Voices: Vocal variety in storytelling and speech-making
  • Become A Two-Minute Teller — The art of telling two minute stories
  • The Speaker As Storyteller — Effectively using stories in sales, keynotes, training, coaching and consulting
  • Homegrown Humor — Finding humorous stories from our past

Click here for PDF descriptions of course learning objectives.

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