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Creating Excellence

Improving Communications for Sales, Customer Service and Leadership

Express Your Excellence!

Whether you’re in management, sales, service or self-employed, effective communication is essential to your success. Within your organization it’s how you communicate more effectively with your subordinates, superiors and colleagues in the workplace.  As an employee, it’s how do you team with others, build rapport with your boss, recover from a mistake, say no or negotiate upwards. As an entrepreneur it’s how you tell your story!

How Do You Express Your Excellence?

Let Craig Harrison help you become a more confident and credible communicator. He’ll inspire and train you to express your excellence as a communicator and leader.  And every milestone you achieve becomes a stepping stone to further success!

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Craig makes leadership traits and principles equitably accessible to absolutely everyone, and gives his clients a powerful, action plan for success. There are no shortcuts to becoming a great leader, but Craig is spot-on in capturing everything a person must do in order to reach their fullest potential.

Jill Buck | Founder, The Go Green Initiative Association

With humor and heart, Craig shows us that leadership is a circle of giving and growing. He invites us to stretch to do things that don’t come naturally, like seek out divergent points of view. Craig’s nuggets point us to a you and me world, rather than you or me. In Eastern wisdom, if you do not do what is yours to do, there is a hole in the universe. With Craig’s help, you can be the leader you are meant to be!

Ellen Augustine | Author, Taking Back Our Lives

Craig Harrison delivers! As a professional speaker, Craig’s blend of stories, humor, and humanity keep me engaged each time I’m in his audience. He’s a fount of ideas and creative approaches to solving organizational problems.

As a consultant and as a coach, Craig helps empower clients, whether to write a book, build a board, recruit talented leaders at multiple levels, strategically plan an event calendar, or coach excellence from volunteers. He truly helps others express their excellence!

Candace (Candy) Campbell, DNP, RN, CNL, CEP, FNAP | Interprofessional Leadership & Team Development Strategist, Award-winning author, actor, filmmaker

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