Increase Your Sphere of Influence

Communicate with Confidence, Clarity and Credibility

Communicate with Confidence, Clarity and Credibility

In a competitive world, better communication helps you sell more, serve better, lead more powerfully and seize the day. It’s also a key to expressing your excellence.

Your organization needs to clearly and confidently express its uniqueness and what it can do for others, whether through its tag line and elevator pitch, sharing your and your clients’ success stories, through the great experiences you provide your customers, and through your branding and visuals.

Individually, every professional needs to be able to succinctly and powerfully introduce themselves in many environments, to encapsulate what they do and what it does for others. Clear, concise and confident communication is compelling: it makes people want to do business with you, and answers the question “Why hire me?”

Enhance Your Credibility

Your audience will:
  • Become a confident and credible communicator
  • Learn to speak the language of benefits, outcomes and solutions
  • Ask better questions to generate better results
  • Stand apart from your competition through your style, your service orientation and creativity
  • Learn How to earn credibility — and how to keep it
  • Learn to recover from a mistake
  • Practice delivering bad news
  • Understand how to be congruent in your words and deeds
  • Build your reputation through small and large acts
  • Understand why trust is a must and how to cultivate it in relationships and throughout your organization

Craig Presents on a Wide Range of Communication Topics

Craig works directly with you to create customized programs that perfectly suit your event, it’s audience and aims.

Sales and Marketing Communication:

  • Let’s Go To Plan B… Brainstorming! (Experience an Ideation Sensation)
  • Improvocate! Apply improvisation to improve teamwork, listening, collaboration and more
  • Your 16-Second Success: The Elevator Speech!
  • Story Tell, Story Sell: Sales Through Storytelling
  • The Tao of Networking: Helping Each Other Succeed
  • Bypassing Gatekeepers to Close Decision-Makers
  • Paying Attention to Retention

Click here for PDF descriptions of course learning objectives.

Workplace Communication:

  • Improving Your Workplace Communication Quotient (CQ)
  • Become a Credible Communicator: Make Honesty Your Policy
  • Leveraging Your Listening Skills: The Forgotten Communication Skill
  • Avoiding an All-Meet Diet! Making Meetings Fun & Easy
  • Creating a Winning Culture in Today’s Multi-generational, Multi-cultural Workplace

Click here for PDF descriptions of course learning objectives.

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