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Elevate Your Offerings Through Understanding Your Customers

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Craft Remarkable, Memorable Experiences for Your Customers

Customer service is dead. If you’re not designing and delivering great customer experiences for your clients and customers, you’re just renting customers. The stakes have risen. In today’s experience economy you’re competing against top organizations – across many fields – who are lavishing great experiences on their customers and clients, their patients, constituents and patrons.

It’s time you give your customers great experiences, to keep them happy, exceed their expectations, and build brand loyalty that turns them into raving fans and customers for life!

Rx for CX: Exceed Expectations!
To win the expectation management game you need to exceed expectations. Competing on price alone is a losing formula. There will always be somebody, who can build it or sell it for less. Maybe the quality isn’t as good, but shoppers are naïve and short-sighted. They’re opt for the lowest, immediate price rather than the pay a little more for something that outlasts the warranty.

Exceeding expectations is how you separate yourself from the rest. Yet so few companies compete on the service side.  When you design great customer experiences your customers keep coming back, they tell others, and you expand their opportunities too. Best yet, they’ll  do the marketing for you. By word-of-mouth they’ll become raving fans, telling other people about their loyalty to you and why. Their friends are going to want to have that same experience and that same relationship that you have.

Creating Great Experiences

Craig Shows You How
  • Learn to design processes and protocols from the standpoint of customers, through an analysis of touch points and use of journey maps.
  • Audit your current customer service plans and processes to make sure you’ve put your customers at the center of the universe, not your own ease or comfort. It’s not about you, it’s about them!
  • Understand how to make doing business with you fun and fruitful for your customers.
  • Create new and natural touch points to wow and now customers, stay attuned to their desires, changing needs and spur their growth, to become their go-to source for success.
  • Ask more powerful questions to identify new products, services and initiatives that speak to the current and future needs of your customers.

Craig Presents on a Wide Range of Customer Experience Topics

Craig works directly with you to create a customized program that is perfectly suited for your event and audience.

Craig’s popular presentations include:

  • Rx for CX: Applying Design Thinking to Craft Remarkable Customer Experiences
  • Stellar Service: Delivering Top-Drawer Service for Bottom-Line Results
  • The Voice of the Customer Service: Delivering Great Telephone Support
  • Paying Attention to Retention
  • Dealing with Difficult Customers, Questions and Questioners
  • Expressions Of Excellence: The Case for Quality
  • Orchestrating Leadership

Click here for PDF descriptions of course learning objectives.

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