Excellence Sessions

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Story Coaching:
You’ve Got Stories

Working 1-on-1 live or via Zoom I will coach you on the development and use of stories and storytelling techniques. Among the areas I will help you:

  • Together we’ll prospect your past to uncover unique stories with universal appeal you can tell
  • I will show you how to insert stories into your keynotes, training, coaching, consulting, sales process
  • I’ll help you Understand how to echo archetypal themes in your personal stories
  • We will find folk and ethnic tales to tell to support the themes of your programs and topic areas
  • You will receive coaching on how to add Humor to existing speeches and stories
  • I’ll show you performance tips for polishing our stories for the stage, the classroom or online telling
  • Master the storytelling rule of three, use of pauses, character development, voices, staging
  • Learn to employ different storylines, structures for your stories, from call & response to progressive stories to story spine

Initial 75-minute session : $500 

Finding the Funny:
Humor Coaching

Working 1-on-1 live or via Zoom I will coach you on how to punch up existing speeches and stories with humor, or how to write humorous speeches or stories. Among the areas I will help you:

  • Write humorous titles for your programs, presentations, stories and speeches
  • Create funny names and mannerisms for characters
  • Learn how to employ the comedy rule of three
  • Use reverses and call backs in your material
  • Work on your timing and beats
  • Write funnier through exaggeration, hyperbole, deadpan, etc.
  • Learn Craig’s Humoration humor writing process
  • Use structured for humor: from lists to humorous site gags, use of props, games, audience
  • Employ improv techniques to engage your audiences

Initial 75-minute session : $500 

From Free to Fee:
On Becoming A Professional Speaker

I’ll teach you how to transition from amateur public speaker to paid professional speaker. Whether you’re novice speaker, a beginning, intermediate or advancee Toastmaster, an aspiring, emerging or current professional speaker of speaker ready to jump t0 the next level,  I am here to help you.

Among the areas I will help you:

  • Find and refine your topic
  • Understand the expertise imperative and how to become one
  • Become audience-focused
  • Polish your professionalism
  • Get the most out of the programs of Toastmasters International
  • Master different venues, room layouts and time parameters
  • Build an ethical speaking business
  • Understand how to work with meeting planners
  • Sell your programs
  • Prepare to deliver different types of presentations
  • Design a plan for self-improvement
  • Benefit from video coaching
  • Smooth out rough edges
  • Overcome fear and connect with every audience
  • Specializing and growing your client list

Initial 75-minute session : $500 

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