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A Tale of the Tails Who Enhance Customers’ Travel Experiences


Customer experience isn’t just the domain of sporting events, retail shopping or the hospitality industry. It also matters at hospitals, airports and in municipal services too. Any high stress environment can curtail patronage and sales. People are at their best when they are happy, comfortable and safe.

Flight or Fright?

In today’s world, airports can be high stress environments. Traffic, long lines, fears of terrorism and anxiety around crowds all exacerbate the experience for today’s travelers. If you think it’s bad, imagine the experience for kids, as well as adults who have a fear of flying, don’t speak the language or are jet-lagged.

The Wag Brigade to the Rescue!

We know about the value of therapy dogs for Wounded Warriors. Now, airports are welcoming trained comfort animals for their calming effect on travelers young and old.

Specially trained therapy dogs and other animals (including a pig) can be seen at airports wearing signs that say “pet me.” When you’re next at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) look for George Morki, Prancer (a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel), Marisol (a Labrador Retriever), McCovey (a Blue Picardy Spaniel) and don’t forget LiLou (the Pig). You can even follow her on Instagram @lilou_sfpig


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