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One-on-One Coaching for Professionals
Helping You Aspire & Achieve!

Are You:
  • Ready to take your career to the next level
  • Looking for professional help in breaking through
  • Wanting to be perceived in a more professional manner?
Let Craig Harrison, Professional and Personal Coach, propel you to success!

Coach Craig Helps You:
  • Communicate with Clarity and Confidence!
  • Formulate strategic plans and professional development
  • Identify and resolve problematic patterns of behavior
"The skilled communicator opens doors, builds new relationships, serves others effectively, and enhances one's own leadership."
     --Craig Harrison

Craig helps you clarify aspirations, discuss timelines and timeframes for achievement, and assist you in making your dreams come true. 

Working with Craig, You Will:
  • See the big picture
  • Implement short-, medium- or long-term changes
  • Improve your performance
  • Set and achieve professional and personal goals
Every successful professional has a support system of experts, specialists and subject matter experts. Who's in your corner?  Let it be Coach Craig...Craig Harrison.

For those starting or about to start a new job, click here for information on Your New Job Survival Guide.

About Your Coach
Craig has over a decade of experience in corporate settings in Silicon Valley.

Craig has managed, coached and mentored men and women in a variety of fields: database, banking, health care, publishing. He's also coached professionals in the public sector and non-profits.

Craig has coached with Olympians and Hall of Fame athletes as a member of the national program Pros for Kids.

His leadership skills have guided boards of directors (Chairman of Cupertino's KKUP-FM Radio Station, National Speakers Association's Northern California chapter, Young Jewish Alliance of the Greater East Bay Federation, International Customer Service Association for SF Bay Area/Silicon Valley), inspired and motivated a Toastmasters District (2000+ members in 115 clubs throughout Northern California) and fueled various sports teams in the United States and Australia.

Craig's Philosophy
"We can all aspire and achieve. Personal and professional milestones are but stepping stones to further greatness. Success begets success. I help clients clarify their aspirations, develop a plan, build a support system and incrementally track their achievements.  I am a partner in your success, empowering you to transcend your own perceived limitations."

Craig's Clientele
Craig coaches men and women intent on improving their outlook, performance and effectiveness.  Clients include executives, managers, those seeking managerial advancement, and the self-employed. 

"Craig is a natural! He has the ability to extract inner talents that were either untapped or trapped inside. He is insistent that one's abilities far outweigh individual limitations. Craig is insightful and has fun while guiding you to self-motivation...and with that motivation, you will do things that you thought were either long gone or impossible...you will shine!"
     John T. Edwards Jr., President
     20x20 Vision, San Jose, CA

"Craig is a delight to work with. As a coach he's encouraging, full of wonderful ideas, resources, and even helpful contacts. He has offered me creative ideas on how to grab and hold the attention of audiences, ideas that I can now say worked better than I would ever have imagined. After incorporating tips from Craig, audiences have been much more interested in what I have to say."
     Nancy Blachman,
     President and founder of Variable Symbols, Inc.
     Author of Mathematica: A Practical Approach and 
     The Mathematica Graphics Guidebook

"Craig gave me courage and confidence. He turned my perceived weakness as a foreigner into my greatest strength. He is creative, fun and easy to work with. I recommend Craig (and tea!) to all health minded people."
     Dr. Sonia Ghaemi Ed. D, RD
     Researcher, Food Therapist,
     Health Conference Organizer

How It Works
Coaching is done in-person and via the telephone, with e-mail/Fax follow-up. Strict confidentiality observed.  Clients initially identify objectives and a clear vision of what short- and medium-term success will look like. Together a plan is developed and then pursued. Reviews insure that progress is being made and success is experienced.

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contact Craig by email: Craig@ExpressionsOfExcellence.com
or by phone: (510) 547-0664.

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