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Expressions of Excellence!

In a world in which quality is often an afterthought, Where 'quick & dirty' is becoming the norm, where overworked employees and bottom line sensibilities have led to reduced quality, pedestrian results, and a "so what" attitude, there is nothing more inspiring than An Expression of Excellence!

Whether it's a great architectural feat, a virtuoso performance or a mini masterpiece on a canvas, a platter or circuit board, excellence is inspiring, wherever we find it.

Expression of Excellence! inspires us with examples of excellence that make a difference in the quality of life of others.

Expression of Excellence! reminds us of the difference we can make when we apply our energy, creativity and attention to be and do our personal best.

Expression of Excellence! come in all forms: from monumental projects to random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty. Each instance of excellence enhances life for others and inspires us in its magnificence.

Participants Will Be:
  Inspired by Expressions of Excellence From Around the World
  Motivated by the Pride that Comes from Excelling
  Infused with Excitement by Exemplars of Excellence
  Enthused About Producing Excellence in their lives
  Writing Their Own Visions for Future Expressions!

How The Presentation Works
Stories, examples and samples of excellence are shared during this inspirational presentation. We look at excellence across professions and identify its hallmarks. Participants are asked to share a future vision of excellence and then write a mission statement about it. They leave knowing how to create excellence in their actions and activities, and are both excited and motivated to do so!

What Attendees Say About Expressions of Excellence
"What I liked most about your presentation was your enthusiasm. The application is general...it applies to all!" Peter Peyser, Senior Quality Engineer

"I enjoyed your quotes and interaction with the audience. I will take your message of excellence back to my colleagues." Arstroy Lele

"Your passion was contagious!" (American Society for Quality Member)

"You included all disciplines in your presentation, relating to people in the audience." (another ASQ Member)

About Your Presenter
Craig Harrison has successfully pursued excellence in corporate, high-tech, non-profit and sports environments for the last twenty years. An award winning speaker, leader, publisher and sports coach, Craig helps others aspire and achieve excellence in their chosen endeavors.

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Expressions of Excellence program

Click here to read Craig's article on how "Expressions of Excellence Have Qualities All Their Own" Random Sample,American Society For Quality
(S. Clara Chapter) Newsletter, February, 2001 

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