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The Forgotten Communication Skill

Contrary to popular opinion, the key to communication is not what what you say, but what you hear. LISTENING skills, not speaking skills, hold the key to your success. How does that sound to you?

Miscommunication as a result of poor listening skills costs millions of dollars, countless hours of wasted time. and even the lives of others. Have I gotten your attention yet?

Author George Bernard Shaw opined that "the single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place." How do you know others hear your message? Are you hearing theirs? How well is listening valued in your organization?

Learning Objectives

Listening isn't a passive skill. It takes intention, concentration and practice. This program helps! In it you will:
  Learn the difference between hearing and listening.
  Become expert at active listening
  Uncover meta-messages embedded within each message.
  Understand gender differences in communication styles.
  Enhance your stature with peers as a powerful listener.
  Master listening skills in meeting situations.

How The Presentation Works
Role plays, scripts, stories, fun assessments and exercises all make this training fun, interactive and replicable.

About Your Presenter
Craig Harrison founded Expressions of Excellence!™ to help professionals express their sales and service leadership. Through dynamic keynotes, interactive training, consulting, coaching and special events Craig inspires and motivates professionals to shine. Results are immediate and lasting too.

Craig is past president of the Northern California chapters of the International Customer Service Association and the National Speakers Association. His clients include SupportWorld, Pfizer, Wilson Sporting Goods, SBC and Hitachi America.

Craig's service articles and columns appear regularly for Transaction World Magazine and Customer Service Newsletter . He's also been profiled in the Wall Street Journal, quoted by Business Week and interviewed by BBC Radio and published in the San Francisco Chronicle, Orange County Register, Support World, Executive Excellence, Selling Power and many more publications.

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