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Paying Attention

WHILE YOUR ORGANIZATION spends thousands of dollars wooing new customers, who is minding the back door? Who's paying attention to retention?

It's time you protect your investment by securing your loyal client base. How satisfied are your existing customers? Do you know? You say that you care. But how do you show it?

The lifetime value of each customer can exceed $1,000,000 or more in many cases. Shouldn't you pay more attention to these customers, instead of always chasing new ones?

Don't Take Your Customers for Granted

CONGRATULATIONS. You've got customers. Yet for how long? Nobody likes to be taken for granted. Others covet your customers and are vying for their patronage even as you read this. In order to keep your customers you must:

  • Keep in contact
  • Keep listening to their ever-changing needs
  • Educate them about your various products and services
  • Be able to cross-sell and up-sell
  • Create ways to strengthen allegiance over time

Learning Objectives:
  • Developing a customer management plan for remaining in touch:
    letters, e-zines, newsletters, postcards, etc.
  • Creating opportunities for dialog with customers
  • Turning problematic customers into allies
  • Tracking customers with metrics
  • Cultivating new markets with your customers in mind

How the Presentation is Delivered

Role plays, scripts, stories, assessments and exercises all make this training fun, interactive and replicable. Participants will sharpen their listening, serving and selling skills as they learn and generate their own ideas for paying attention to retention.

About Your Presenter

Craig Harrison is the founder and president of Expressions of Excellence!™ He was 2004-05 president of the National Speakers Association's Northern California chapter and a past president of the SF Bay Area-Silicon Valley chapter of the International Customer Service Association. Craig's clients include United Airlines, Hilton Hotels, Hitachi America and many more.

Craig’s service articles and columns for Transaction World and Customer Service Newsletter appear regularly and he's been profiled in the Wall Street Journal, interviewed by 60 MINUTES and BBC RADIO, quoted by Business Week and the Orange County Register, published by Support World, and even inspired a week's worth of panels of the comic strip SALLY FORTH.

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Paying Attention to Retention

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